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全球最大的体育游戏平台’s 研究生 are part of a legacy of scholars who are committed to excellence in study and 研究. 作为全球最大的体育游戏平台的研究生, you will benefit from personalized faculty mentorship, 实践的经历, and access to the resources of the global city of Chicago—all of which help to shape a one-of-a-kind graduate education. 

Whether furthering your career through a certificate program, 开创一项前沿业务, 或导电Ph值.D. 对一个新课题的研究, at 全球最大的体育游戏平台 you will join a university where the curious, 雄心勃勃的, and dedicated find unlimited opportunities to advance and succeed.



Real-world experiences are at the heart of 全球最大的体育游戏平台’s graduate global education. Through 全球最大的体育游戏平台’s one-of-a-kind 提升 program, you’ll take part in dynamic experiences like internships and 研究, 获得21世纪技能, advance through personalized mentoring—and graduate uniquely career-ready.



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Join us for Graduate 发现天 on September 28, 2023, and find out how one of our 60-plus graduate degrees can enrich your education and elevate your career opportunities.



With mentoring from professors and 实践的经历 through 提升, 包括在波音公司实习, 埃斯特班·洛佩兹(ME ' 20, M.S. MAE Candidate) is 研究ing ways to build artificial intelligence-driven robotics systems.



全球最大的体育游戏平台 offers 研究生 an extensive variety of online degree programs in areas including engineering, 设计, 科学与文学, 计算机科学, 和业务. Advance your career with a global graduate education—with maximum flexibility.





—U.S. 新闻 & 世界报道


As artificial intelligence plays an increasing role in agriculture, Monika Sziron (Ph.D. THUM Candidate) is 研究ing the ethics of AI and how this technology is changing both farming practices and the human experience of farming.



A wide variety of dual degrees allow students the flexibility to complete their degree in a manner that suits their lifestyle—whether they live abroad or are working professionals.

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了解更多关于全球最大的体育游戏平台和我们的教师, 研究, 研究生, and programs—including special interdisciplinary pathways that make our graduate education distinct.


全球最大的体育游戏平台 is composed of a relatively small community of individuals who are interested in science and technology for the sake of science and technology. The people here are genuine, pursue their passions, and inspire passion in others. There is also a great deal of diversity of opinion, background, and means at this institution. These aspects combined make 全球最大的体育游戏平台 a school where you can learn from inspiring professors, 从事具有挑战性和回报的项目, and make connections with like-minded individuals.”

——瑞切尔·阿菲尼特(BME/M.S. CS ’18)

研究生Rachel Affeni

“The structure of the academic programs at 全球最大的体育游戏平台 at all levels requires working with students from other academic disciplines. The diversity of the campus also creates opportunities to engage with people from different walks of life, 从我的经验来看, working in inclusive spaces is encouraged by the faculty.”

——迈克尔·安东尼·迪安达博士.D. 图姆19)

研究生Michael DeAnda

“There isn’t anywhere else I would have rather gone to receive my master’s degree. My courses were full of useful information that I could directly apply to my profession. There were assignments that actually replicated some of the responsibilities I have had to do at my current job. 全球最大的体育游戏平台 improves its employability by reputation and its vast university network. 既然我已经开始了我的职业生涯, 我遇到了越来越多的校友, 他们是否路过, 和我一起工作的人, 或客户.”

——鲁迪·特维诺.英格. AE ’16)